Overall updates

The NEOED implementation consists of two modules, Insight and Onboard. Insight includes the Online Hiring Center (OHC) and is an applicant tracking system that provides the university with position request, job posting, candidate selection, and workflow functionality. Insight was launch in December 2023 and is available to applicants and the campus along with an Adobe Sign process to manage the hiring paperwork.

The second module is Onboard and it will replace the Adobe Sign process and offer new features and functionality. Onboard is designed to ensure new hires are ready on day one. There will be a new employee portal where they can complete paperwork, get a feel for the SIU Carbondale culture, mission, vision and values, and better understand their job duties, all through a single system. Onboard has an additional benefit: offboarding. Through its offboarding functionality, we can seamlessly collect more meaningful data from exiting employees, assign tasks to the separating employee and give supervisors the reassurance they need to successfully transition duties and manage the separation. The tentative go-live date for Onboard is May 1, 2024.


    • HireTouch:  HireTouch is now offline and can not be accessed. Please contact your Human Resource professional if there is an urgent need for the HireTouch data.
    • Insight and OHC Users:  The NEOED Insight and OHC Users implementation was a success. Applicants are using the NEOED applicant tracking system to submit their application and SIU staff are processing the applications using the new software.
    • NEOED Onboard:  Once an applicant is selected, applicants will be able to use the Onboard new employee portal to complete their hiring paperwork and become familiar with all of the great things SIU has to offer.  The tentative go-live date is May 1, 2024.



 Onboard Implementation Timeline