Online Hiring Center

Department users will use NeoEd’s Online Hiring Center (OHC) to perform their hiring job duties and they must complete the two (2) OHC training sessions prior to security access being granted. The hiring job duties include:

  • Initiate Position Request Forms (PRF’s)
  • Schedule job interviews
  • Initiate any of the employment forms throughout the hiring process
  • Sign or approve any of the employment forms

Training courses are administered as courses through Desire2Learn (D2L). You must self-register for the Civil Service OHC and AP / Faculty OHC courses to gain access. Once registered, you may use the links below to take you directly to the course.

Civil Service OHC User Training

AP / Faculty OHC User Training



Department hiring managers will use NeoEd’s Onboard to process their new hire. The new Onboard process will include:

  • The NeoEd offer approval and applicant accepting the offer processes.
  • Pushing the new hire from the offer into Onboard.
  • Assign checklist to the new employee.
  • Completing the checklist items that are assigned to the department.

Training will be administered as a course in MyCourses (D2L). The first training session will be a live event provided by NeoEd and the date will be announced shortly. This live event will be recorded for viewing later at your convenience.

You must complete the Onboard End User training session prior to security access being granted. To gain access to the course, use the Onboard End User Training link to Self-Register prior to attending. Once registered, and the training is scheduled, you may use the link below to take you directly to the course.

Onboard End User Training